A great album for fans of postmodern guitar - The production quality of Mechanoia is top notch. Really, you couldn't ask for a better sounding record. I really like it and have listened to it repeatedly. All in all, Simeon Harris offers up a pleasant and substantial contribution to the genre of postmodern guitar. A terrific outing worthy of an "A".

Mark Worrel - Kronosonic (2004)

Intellectual Music - From start to end Mechanoia takes you on a journey to some places familar and some further and beyond imagination. Perfect use of sounds and textures. Eno and Fripp with a modern approach and in my opinion better sound quality.

Robbie Sloan - Caledonian Records (2004)

Otherworldly, ancient times and times still to be - haunting rhythms, collections of sounds, thoughts of impending battle, and a feeling of intense energy! Lunar in landscape, but kicks in hard!

Carolyn Bradley (2004)

Original, inspiring and thought-provoking - impressive production, good songwriting, and each track conjures up a new story in the listener's mind. An album to experience. Polaroid Migraine (2004)

Fine blend of guitars and electronica - An enjoyable ride into the realm of processed guitars and future beats. Mechanoia delivers solid, energetic tracks with a slightly funky and experimental flair. It will definitely keep your mind engaged. Well crafted guitar and FX work and studio chops make this a trip worth taking.

Polar1 (2004)

Great low end - Really a great listen. Excellent guitar playing topped with nice effects. Somewhere between Bill Frisell and (sorry:) Robert Fripp. Did I mention a nice low end!! James Sidlo (2004)

The most unique sound since Transmutation - As a guitar player, I am always trying to mix effects and use bizarre techinques to come up with an origional sound. Simeon is the master of effects...10 times more original than Buckethead.

Luke Kwasny (2007)