Macbook Pro, used for looping

FractalAudio Axe-Fx II

RCF-NX10 SMA Powered Wedges

Nobels MF1 for controlling Mobius

Yamaha MFC-10 for selecting patches

on the Axe-Fx

Novation Remote Zero SL for controlling the loopers

EHX Microsynth

KGB Custom Headless Guitar

Built in 2001

Alder body

Maple top

Maple neck

Ebony fingerboard

24 frets

2x Carvin Holdsworth pickups

KGB Custom Headless Guitar 2

Built in 2003

Alder body

Maple neck

Ebony fingerboard

24 frets

Carvin Holdsworth humbucker

Roland GK-2A internal kit

Sustainiac Plus

Atlas Custom Deluxe

Built in 2009

Alder body

Maple top

Maple neck

Ebony fingerboard

DiMarzio pickups

Wilkinson trem

Mobius Looper

Created by Jeff Larson

8 stereo tracks

Unsurpassed control via midi and scripting

Augustus Looper

Created by Expert Sleepers

Essentially a simulation of a 4 head tape delay with lots of options

Crossfade Loop Synth

Created by Expert Sleepers

A live sampler with the ability to play back live audio at any pitch, speed, or direction

Ableton Live

Host for all the loopers and a variety of other sound manipulation plugins




Click image to hear some sounds

This hardware applies from 2010 to the present. To see the hardware used to record the eScape album, click here