Fans of ambient textures will find plenty to dive into here, but there's much more than that at work. Guitarists with exploratory ears will find just as much substance in Simeon Harris's compositions and techniques. His smooth solos and spiderweb arpeggios work perfectly in the electronic settings which are always musical and tuneful. After Night Falls is a prime example, with chilled out dubby tempos. A winning example of how guitars can work with electronica genres.

David Nicholas/Sansyou (2010)

By turns gritty, smooth, beaty and melodic, "eScape" is relentlessly atmospheric. Simeon Harris projects a detailed sonic landscape and invites the audience to explore it fully. Great work!
Tim Durkin (2010)

Been a big fan since I discovered Simeon's music a few years back and also his terrific demos of the Eventide Eclipse and TC G Force. His music is atmospheric and spatially gorgeous. Listen to the new record with headphones, you will be in for a treat. I have only sampled a few tracks so far but the interplay of guitars and technology is not only astounding but beautiful. I get lost in his music every time I listen.
Todd Richman (2010)

Wow!!! What a sonic adventure! i thought your last cd was great but i think you outdid yourself. Amazing production, tones, writing, programming, and playing!
Jack Broad (2010)

Listened to it all, at last. Excellent compositions, playing and production in every aspect. I will buy it with much pleasure. I like long flights, so I loved the sequence "eScape - After Night Falls - Techtonik" very much. Thank you.
Gaetano Fontanazza (2010)

Here are some sounds taken from the album. They are all processed guitar.