Simeon Harris grew up in Chiswick, London. He stated playing guitar at 15, borrowing his father’s old 12-string acoustic at first, but soon acquiring his first electric for the princely sum of £35. “It was my dad who first got me onto the guitar. He used to to take down his old Hagstrom a couple of times a year, strum some tunes and then put it back again. It got my interest though and I started teaching myself how to play as soon as I could. He bought me a cheap electric when he saw I was serious about it and I never looked back”.

Completely self-taught, Simeon started playing in groups with school friends. “It was just for fun...I think we were pretty terrible...! But some of those musical friendships have lasted to this day and they’re very precious to me”. Then in 1996, Simeon met a bass player from Cardiff and a new musical relationship was formed that would have a huge impact on Simeon’s musical direction. “I was playing in a band that was a cross between Zeppelin and Rush at the time. It was going nowhere, so I put an ad in a local paper and got a call from this guy who was putting together a funk band. I was desperate for a change and he sounded interesting, so I went to meet him. I didn’t happen to mention to him that I knew absolutely nothing about funk at the time!”.

That bass player was Jason Rogers and the band that grew out of that relationship was Mongoose. A 14-piece funk leviathan that turned heads wherever it played around London...and not jut because of it’s size! Mongoose had regular gigs on Sunday nights at Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club in Soho and at the renowned 100 Club on Oxford Street, eventually picking up a support slot behind the legendary Maceo Parker at the Forum in Kentish Town. Mongoose folded in 2001, but spawned a smaller version of itself called Monkjack, which continued to gig around London and the home counties for a few years. “Those bands were a real education for me - the discipline needed to play that kind of music is immense and I learned heaps about groove construction.” Simeon continues to collaborate with Jason, most notably in the Fourth World ambient project Zillo.

In 2000, Simeon recorded his first ambient album, called Realms of Elements. It was pretty rough and ready, but the positive feedback he got from it encouraged him to delve deeper into the textural side of guitar playing. He recorded The Assessment in 2003, Mechanoia in 2004 and Captured, his second soundscapes album, in 2006. The Assessment was distributed by Alternity Records in 2005 and Simeon recorded a new track for the album especially for the release. He released eScape in 2010, distributed by Digital Nations, which fuses deep ambient textures with rock, dub, electronica and eastern influences.

In 2011, he released his latest work Beyond the Frozen Sea, which is a quartet of ambient albums, entirely composed of improvised soundscapes.

Simeon continues to work with Zillo, and is planning more solo releases and a live/studio project featuring guest drummers and bass players.


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