U.K. guitarist Simeon Harris follows in the footsteps of guitar innovators like David Torn and Robert Fripp in his approach to the way technology can be subverted to his six-string needs. Loops and electronics form the bed on which his lyrical, effects-heavy guitar tosses, turns and rolls. Buoyed by samples of UFO researcher Robert Dean (the record is sort of a concept piece about U.S. alien research), Harris combines his love for his explorative idols with his background in U.K. funk bands to produce accessible, often mesmerizing instrumentals like “Intron” and “Thirty Metres Across.” Creative and thought-provoking, The Assessment is above all a pleasure to hear.

Michael Tolan, High Bias LiveJournal (2006)

An irresistibly powerful groove! A great rocking debut for one of the UK’s up and coming producers/musicians. The Assessment’s verite account of Robert Dean’s intelligence revelations offers us a glimpse of the reality which inpired TV shows like the X-files. And it’s an inspired meeting of electronica and rock music besides - make way for Simeon Harris’ brand of future groove…

Steve Chagollan, Daily Variety (2006)

One of the best electronic recordings I’ve heard recently - the production is really amazing.

Allan Holdsworth, guitar legend (2006)