Beyond the Frozen Sea (2011)

An album of improvised soundscapes in four parts.

The Spring Conference (2012)

eScape (2010)

It took three years to make and is probably the most complex and

complete album of mine to date. Featuring 10 dense compositions

of guitar electronica, with influences ranging from jazz, dub, techno,

glitch and many other points inbetween.

Captured (2006)

An album of improvised soundscapes, some with

subtle electronic percussion.

Antwerp 2011

Some sections of my performance at the 2011 Antwerp Loopfestival.

Mechanoia (2004)

An attempt to break away from loops and breakbeats and

explore more electronic sounds alongside my ambient guitar.

The Assessment (2003)

A concept album based on the accounts of Robert Dean about a top

secret document called The Assessment, which was commissioned

by the American military in the late 60‘s to bring together everything

they thought they knew about UFO’s.

Realms of Elements (2000)

An album of improvised soundscapes. My first experimental foray

into solo guitar + looping.

No Longer available.

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Xperimentus (2006)

A series of experimental and avant-garde compositions by

Krispen Hartung and 13 other musicians from the

international Looper’s Delight discussion group and community.

Guested on one track - “A Taste of Neverness”

Guest appearances

Shur-I-Kan - Waypoints (2004)

Shur-I-Kan’s (Tom Szirtes) amazing second album.

For lovers of deep house.

Guested on one track - “Last Warm Place”

Public Supply - Fume (2000)

Advertised as the missing link between electric Miles Davis and

European film noir.

Guested on two tracks - “The Happy Hat” and “Guano Republic”

No further information available.

With Zillo

Solo albums

Best of Ambient (2012)

A compilation.

Best of Beats (2012)

A compilation.

Live at Tuesday’s Post (2012)

An improvised soundscape performed in London Sept 2012.

The New Year Conference (2010)